Shiatsu Representatives UK (SR-UK)


SR-UK Mission Statement

Shiatsu Representatives UK is a voluntary umbrella organisation encompassing all forms and views of Shiatsu. It brings together the professional associations of Shiatsu, schools and practitioners in the UK.

The SR-UK Mission Statement is:

To act as a conduit for communication between the CNHC and the Shiatsu community

To act as a 'meeting space' for different Shiatsu views and ideas to come together and hold meaningful dialogue, instead of pursuing separate aims and agendas

To give common voice and opinion on the role of Shiatsu

To act as a forum to which the various professional Shiatsu bodies can disseminate information to a wider body other than their members

To work together to further the recognition of Shiatsu in the UK without recourse to any one particular school or form of Shiatsu

To always strive to be a 'round table' in reference to the above

To form balanced comment and opinion on research, news and trends in Complementary Therapy that may have relevance to Shiatsu

To encapsulate the depth of experience and knowledge of the Shiatsu community

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